What Are The Functions Of Food Additives In The Processing Of Meat Products?

- Aug 03, 2018 -

What are the functions of food additives in the processing of meat products?


We often have the question, why are food additives used in the processing of some meat products, what kinds of food additives, what role do they play in the processing of meat products?

Today, let's focus on the production and development of meat products. Classification by the specific function of food additives, it can be divided into four categories. One type is antioxidants and preservatives, which mainly serve to prevent corrosion, prolong storage time, and prevent food from spoiling.

The second category is food additives for optimizing the appearance of food, which mainly comprises a bleaching agent, a flavoring agent, a coloring sweetener and a flavoring agent. The third category is food additives added to provide convenience for food processing, including stabilizers, defoamers, emulsifiers, etc. The fourth category is food additives to improve the nutrition of foods, including vitamins, minerals, or amino acids some nutrient fortifier.

The main purpose of adding food additives in the production of meat products in China is to achieve anti-corrosion, increase the aroma and maintain moisture. Therefore, the additives frequently used in the production of meat products include preservatives, flavoring agents and moisture retaining agents.

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