Warmest Greetings For A Happy And Peaceful Eid!

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Warmest Greetings for a Happy and Peaceful Eid

"Guerbang" in Arabic called Gould. Guerbang, or Joe Gould Kazakhstan. The "child" is the meaning of the festival. "Guer Bang" and "Atsu ha" contain "sacrifice", "devotion to the mean, so generally the festival called" festival of sacrifice "or" Eid al AdhA. Is said to a long time ago, the ancestors of the Arab people in the north, the prophet Ibrahim, night dreams of Allah and by Allah revelation, he to valley slain his son to sacrifice to the God, to test his loyalty to Allah. When Ibrahim with his son to close the valley, was about to put the son of Iraq killing our Mayi, Allah see Ibrahim on his reverence and awe, sent an angel sent a sheep, instead of the Iranian our Mayi sacrifice This is the origin of the Eid al adha. This day every year, the people of Arabia is based on this legend regularly Zaiyang sacrifice, Xiangyan into. After the founding of Islam, admitted that the prophet Ibrahim as patriarch, and the Islamic calendar December 10th set for the Eid al AdhA. Our calendar with the Islamic calendar each year for 11 days on the poor, so the annual calendar date is not fixed Eid al adha. According to the traditional custom, the Muslims in holiday early in the morning bath change clothes, to the mosque to do prayer, chanting, grave, cherish the memory of their ancestors.


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