Trehalose And Its Function

- Nov 14, 2018 -

Trehalose and its Function

Trehalose Molecular formula C12h12o11 . it is white crystal, slightly sweet.

The sweetness is about 40% ~ 45% of Sucrose, but the duration is longer than that of sucrose. Trehalose is widely found in bacteria, yeast, fungi, algae and insects. In recent years, Trehalose has been found in the human kidney, which means kidney can synthesize trehalose.

Mushrooms are rich in trehalose, accounting for its dry weight of 11% ~17%.

Physiological function

Stress metabolism: trehalose is a kind of stress metabolite, which can be synthesized in large quantities in the body when the cells are stressed, and degrades rapidly under normal conditions, which has non-specific protective effect on both organisms and biomolecules. Mainly reflected in the high osmotic pressure and toxic reagents, such as a variety of stress environment, the intracellular trehalose will rise rapidly to protect a variety of biological macromolecules.

Active dry yeast and frogs can survive in dry or frozen conditions, these phenomena proves that trehalose play a protective role the biological cell membrane, membrane protein, protein structure and so on .especially in the freezing,dry, high permeability pressure and other harsh environment,

Provides energy and as a structural component: 

Trehalose can be used as a structural component in organisms and provide energy for biological metabolism.

Intake Survey: 

In the Australian survey, the amount of trehalose taken by people per day was about 6.5-1g. American adult trehalose: The mean is about 7.2-7.6g/d, 


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