- Sep 11, 2018 -


Trehalose is kind of very safe and reliable sugar, it effectively prevents starch aging, protein degeneration. trehalose is the most stable sugar in natural sugars, even heated in 100 ℃, pH3.0 for 30 minutes will not be colored, decomposed.

Edible grade trehalose is generally used in four aspects, the first is the low-sweet food, trehalose sweetness is 45% of sucrose. so it can replace the sucrose to make a variety of snacks, cakes and jam seasoning, as well as the general seasoning processed food. The second is to prevent starch aging, we can increase the antifreeze of food conditioning and use in food baking.The third is to prevent the deterioration of protein, which is mainly reflected in our frozen food can improve the organization and enhance flexibility and patience, the pudding and other processed foods to bring antifreeze and to prevent thawing off the water, in the lactic acid bacteria drink to increase the number of live bacteria and inhibit the taste of fermentation.The last is to keep  softness and freshness of kinds of dried foods.You may contact us for more information.


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