Tomato Paste 28-30% Brix

- Nov 02, 2018 -

 Tomato Paste 28-30% Brix

Tomato paste is a soy concentrated product of fresh tomatoes, is invented by the Chinese in 19th century. Bright red color, with the unique flavor of tomatoes, is a distinctive condiment. Tomato paste is made from the mature red tomato by crushing, pulping, removal of skin and seeds and other rough matter, and then concentration, canning, sterilization. Tomato paste is often used for fish, meat and other food cooking seasoning,

The use of tomato paste is an important seasoning content to form the flavor characteristics of Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine.


As to the addition to lycopene, there are B vitamins, dietary fibers, minerals, proteins and natural pectin, etc., compared with fresh tomatoes, tomato paste nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body.


Tomato has the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria, is an excellent antioxidant, can remove free radicals in the human body, anticancer effect is twice times than β-carotene;

Medical research has found that lycopene has a preventive effect on some types of cancer, inhibiting breast cancer, lung cancer, endometrial cancer, and also colon cancer.

Tomato paste tastes sour and sweet, enhance appetite, lycopene is more easily absorbed by the human body when there are some fat;

Especially suitable for arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, nephritis patients to eat, physical cold, low blood pressure, it is better than fresh tomatoes in some way.


The usual packing:220kg drum.70g can. 210g can or as customized



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