Titanium Dioxide Is Safe Used In Food

- Aug 08, 2018 -

Titanium dioxide is safe used in food


International food hygiene and food additives organizations (JECFA), (CAC), (FDA), (EFSA) stipulate in the food additive use regulations that titanium dioxide can be widely used in foods, including flour and pasta, on titanium dioxide in food. There are no restrictions on the ADI values used in the process. In 1969, JECFA. was based on the fact that in a large number of species studies, including human studies, titanium dioxide was not found to be absorbed and organized. In the European Union, titanium dioxide (commonly known as titanium dioxide) is included as an approved food coloring in Appendix I of the EC 94/36/Regulation. The titanium dioxide produced has two crystal structures - anatase and rutile. It is stated in Directive 94/36/Regulation that titanium dioxide is only allowed to be used in the anatase form.


GB2760-1996 also stipulates the maximum addition amount of titanium dioxide in foods such as fried products and puffed foods, indicating that titanium dioxide is a very safe edible additive.


According to the above regulations and practices, it is sufficient to show that titanium dioxide is a safe, non-toxic and harmless food additive. 


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