The Role Of Microecological Agents In Fur Animals

- Oct 25, 2017 -

As the real micro-ecological agents are several kinds of live bacteria according to different characteristics of fur products, long-term correct use, the following performance:

Reduce and eliminate fur animal intestinal disease. This is due to the full use of high activity complex beneficial bacteria in the intestinal area, breeding, enzyme production, acid production, oxygen biological characteristics, can effectively inhibit the breeding of intestinal harmful bacteria, intestinal bacteria to achieve the balance, So that intestinal disease significantly reduced, but also reduce the toxin in the intestinal enrichment. (Yogurt, etc.)

Improve the digestion and absorption of feed. Feed digestion and absorption rate determines the feeding costs and breeding efficiency, through the active bacteria germination and growth process of biological metabolism and enzyme production, so that the various nutrients in the digestion and absorption of more fully, fur animal feces Delicate and smooth, there is no digestion of waste in the stool, barn and surrounding environment of ammonia, odor significantly reduced to protect the environment.

As the incidence of intestinal disease decreased, enhanced digestion and absorption. Fur animal body robust, enhanced immunity. Combined with animal animals every day to take medicine (give him a good diet today to eat diarrhea medicine) to improve the fortune of the kind of fat and the number of fetus and the survival rate of cubs.

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