The Effect Of Probiotics On Pigs

- Oct 25, 2017 -

First, the mechanism of micro-ecological agents to prevent and treat

The microecological preparations are screened from nature and some are beneficial microbes that are isolated directly from the intestinal tract of healthy animals. At present commonly used lactic acid bacteria, yeast and Bacillus, a single strain, there are complex strains. The mechanism of microecological preparations for the prevention and treatment of diarrhea is:

(1) colonization directly in the intestinal tract of piglets, the formation of dominant bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus can be directly adsorbed on the small intestine villi epithelium, so that pathogens lose the small intestine on the binding site, with the feces with the discharge.

(2) some strains such as Bacillus, although not colonization in the small intestine epithelium, but in the intestine breeding with the pathogens for a large number of nutrients and secretion of some antibiotics, inhibit and kill pathogens. While causing anaerobic environment, is conducive to the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria.

(3) secretion of a variety of digestive enzymes, and promote digestion and absorption of feed, for the prevention and treatment of some diarrhea caused by feed causes have a good effect.

(4) to activate the immune function, for some of the virus-induced diarrhea, micro-ecological agents mainly by raising the pig's own immune capacity to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Second, the application of micro-ecological agents in the prevention and treatment of piglet diarrhea

1 prevention

To prevent piglet diarrhea, it is best to start from the sow stage of pregnancy, you can regulate sow intestinal microbial flora, reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms in feces, the number of bacteria in the environment dominant, reduce piglets after exposure to pathogens Opportunity. Piglets are used after birth, so that the intestinal tract throughout the growth process has been in a good micro-ecosystem, the prevention of piglet diarrhea disease.

2 treatment

In the use of micro-ecological treatment of piglets diarrhea is best used in conjunction with the convergence of drugs, such as tannic acid, activated carbon, white clay and so on. For mild symptoms can only use micro-ecological agents without convergence drugs, but for heavier or longer time is required with the use. Treatment dose is much larger than the prevention of dose, in order to make beneficial bacteria quickly occupy the entire gastrointestinal tract, from the number of absolute advantage, so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting and killing bacteria. In the use of micro-ecological treatment of piglets diarrhea in the production practice, the use of alone the cure rate of up to 85%, while the combined use of other drugs to cure more than 98%.

Third, the conclusion

Piglet diarrhea is one of the important reasons for the death of piglets and the economic benefits of pig producers. Micro-ecological agents in the prevention and treatment of piglets diarrhea in its safe, no side effects, the effect is good features are favored, especially for antibiotic treatment of diarrhea. In the pig is not sick, the feed to add micro-ecological agents, not only can prevent the occurrence of piglets diarrhea, but also improve the digestibility of feed, enhance piglet immunity, resistance to other diseases, is to promote healthy breeding today, green feed additive.

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