The Effect Of Probiotics In Rabbits

- Oct 25, 2017 -

First, improve the rabbit digestive tract environment, with the right concentration of probiotics source of drinking water, adjust the balance of gastrointestinal beneficial bacteria, fecal lactic acid bacteria and other beneficial bacteria content increased significantly, the decomposition of feces, reducing the ammonia concentration, ammonia Up to 40-65%. Probiotics Effective microorganisms have a biological effect on pathogenic microorganisms in vivo. These beneficial microorganisms can inhibit the attachment of pathogenic microorganisms to intestinal epithelial cells, causing it to excreted with feces. Probiotics effectively control the incidence of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases, to reduce the cost of farming and aquaculture income savings purposes.

The second is the breeding environment of rabbit homes, cages, fecal beds, septic tanks, ground, drainage ditch and other areas, air pollution and other in vitro environment improvement. Rabbits into the rabbit after the rabbit, with the passage of time, some rabbits discharged from the feces, respiratory secretions and other pathogenic microorganisms, and because of pathogenic microorganisms through the air into the rabbit homes, these pathogenic microorganisms containing feces, respiratory secretions can be attached In the rabbit floor, wall, rabbit cage, trough, sink and into the rabbit's feed water, or in the form of dust, droplets floating in the air, the rabbit's environment caused new pollution. Probiotic solid fermentation bacteria and probiotics source and probiotic disinfectant in conjunction with the regular spread, spray, spray, the powerful and effective probiotics inoculated in a space environment, the entire rabbit group where the space and the environment are prebiotics The pollutants in the public environment are purified, the pathogenic microorganisms are inhibited, the probiotics become the main body of the space environment, the rabbit does not smell, no ammonia smell, no mosquitoes, Rabbit growth environment is appropriate, the management staff comfortable; virus pathogen with the air through the rabbit rabbit group, the virus can not be implanted breeding, the general infectious disease does not occur, the incidence of rabbits was significantly reduced or did not occur.

The third is a good immune activity of probiotics, can effectively improve the level of antibody and macrophage activity, through the generation of hormones and improve the role of bacteria to stimulate the immune activity, stimulate the body's humoral immunity and cellular immunity, enhance the body The immunity and disease resistance. The results showed that probiotics could significantly increase the ratio of T and B lymphocytes in rabbit spleen and enhance the cellular immune response of rabbits.

The fourth is manure control. In recent years, with the continuous increase in the disease of rabbits, difficult to control, and government departments to attach importance to environmental pollution control, to protect the health of rabbits and keepers and other issues gradually referred to the important agenda. Countries in the world are strengthening the rabbit air quality, reduce the rabbit dust and harmful gas emissions, increase the processing and utilization of fecal waste and other aspects of research and application.

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