The Benefits Of Using Microbial Starters To Produce Fermented Feed

- Oct 25, 2017 -

1, microbial fermentation can change the quality of the protein

The use of microorganisms in the form of protein is similar to the absorption of protein by animals. Because of the rapid propagation of microorganisms, the generation time is short, the use of protein on the one hand to increase the number of cells, on the other hand is the secretion of a large number of extracellular products, thus So that the original protein is decomposed after the formation of new protein.

2, the use of microbial fermentation to reduce toxins in feed

Fermentation can reduce the toxin content in the feed, the microbial detoxification mechanism, in most cases due to the metabolites of microorganisms, such as mannan can effectively degrade Aspergillus flavus B1 and so on.

3, microbial fermentation can reduce the crude fiber

The results showed that the general fermentation level could reduce the crude fiber by 12-16 percentage points. Therefore, the fermentation could effectively reduce the crude fiber.

4, microbial fermentation can produce growth-promoting factors

Fermented feed varies from strain to strain, different strains produced by different levels of growth factors, these growth factors are mainly organic acids, B vitamins and unknown growth factors and so on.

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