Stevia Market Analysis And Forecast

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Stevia Market Analysis and Forecast


       Stevia has been widely used in developed countries abroad, and 80% of foods in Japan use stevia as a sweetener to replace chemically synthesized sweeteners. And it has also been widely used in medicine. There are hundreds of products that use stevioside in Japan, and in 1995 only stevioside applications have reached more than 500 tons. In recent years, stevioside used in Japan has been increasing at a rate of 10-20%. A large amount of stevia is purchased from China every year. In 2006, it purchased 300 tons. 

        In 2008, it exceeded 400 tons. European and American countries and Southeast Asia also purchased stevia from China. According to relevant information in 2017, the current total production of stevia in China is 3,000 tons, the export volume reached 2,500 tons. Experts predict that in the next few years, and even in a period of time, the demand for stevia will increase substantially throughout the world. 


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