Pharmaceutical Gelatin Introduction

- Dec 19, 2018 -

Pharmaceutical Gelatin is a high-grade gelatin which is made from animal skin, bone and tendon. It is made of complex physicochemical treatment and is free of fat and high protein. Gelatin has various properties such as gelation, solid water retention, cohesiveness and high purity, and has a wide range of uses in the pharmaceutical industry.

Main use: Hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, hemostatic sponges, plasma and coatings.

At room temperature, gelatin can encapsulate material, block oxidation, and keep out moisture.It also dissolves and is absorbed easily within the body which is why gelatin is already in wide use in the medical field.

Currently, hard, soft, micro, and many other kinds of capsules are available in addition to gelatin's use in suppositories, hemostatics, tablets, pills, and medicinal compresses.

Gelatin will continue to find diverse applications in the future. Most gelatin being used in soft capsules has a gel strength of 150-200 Bloom and a viscosity of 35-45 mps,while gelatin for hard capsules has a gel strength of 250 Bloom and a viscosity of 45-48 mps. 

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