Introduction Of Dried Garlic

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Introduction of Dried Garlic

Dried Garlic Flake

1) Variety:

Garlic Flake without root
Garlic Flake with root

2) Packaging:

20kg carton, with double poly bag inside, or as requirement

3) Quantity:  10mt/20’’FCL   23MTS/40’’FCL

Dried Garlic Granule

1) Size: 5-8/8-16/16-26/26-40/40-80mesh

2) Packaging: 2*12.5kg foil bag,25kg carton

3) Quantity: 18mts/20’’FCL  25mts/40’’FCL

Dried Garlic Powder

1) Size: 80-100mesh, 100-120mesh

2) Packaging: 2*12.5kg foil bag, 25kg carton

3) Quantity: 18mts/20’’FCL  25mts/40’’FCL

Granule(8-16mesh):USD1600-USD1900/MT FOB

Advantages of Dried Garlic:

1)NO-GMO products

2)NO ANY foreigh matters

3)NO ANY additives

4)Moisture is MAX. 6%

5)SO2 is 50PPM MAX

6)12 months in normal temp; 24 months under 20 ℃ 

Usages of Dehydrated Garlic:

1) Used in Pizza and other fast food, snack foods,food service packs,stuffing mixes,pickled products,meat products,sea food products,gravies,canned foods,soups,potato salad,seasoning,bakery topping,gourmet sauces,seasoning and in many other snacks or as ingredients.

2) Prevention and treatment of tumor and cancer  

3) It can detoxify your body and let your gut purge, so can prevent and treat cardiovascular disease.


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