International Titanium Dioxide Faucet Price Increase, Environmental Protection And Limited Production Is Expected To Support Domestic Prices

- Aug 12, 2018 -

International titanium dioxide faucet price increase, environmental protection and limited production is expected to support domestic prices


According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange report, the international titanium dioxide leader issued a notice, the price of all specifications of titanium dioxide in China will be raised by 50 US dollars / ton from September 1. Affected by factors such as environmental protection, some titanium dioxide manufacturers in China including Henan under-employed, and some suppliers are still in tight supply. Although the market is currently in the off-season, environmentally limited production is expected to support the price of titanium dioxide. In addition, the price of upstream titanium ore is stable, and the price of small and medium-sized titanium ore is rising. With the advent of “Golden September and Silver October”, the price may rise in the later period.


20180810 Titanium dioxide price trend.JPG


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