Identification Of Good And Poor Organic Fertilizer

- Oct 25, 2017 -

1, look at the packaging

To see whether the regular logo, the company name, factory site, telephone, fertilizer registration certificate, validity, production date, certificate and so on. To see if it is authorized to produce (the general authorized production is not their own factories, there is no source of raw materials).

2, look at the color

High-quality organic fertilizer after a long period of high temperature fermentation maturity, the color should be dark brown to black; poor quality usually lighter.

3, smell the smell

Carefully smell the fertilizer whether there is ammonia, fecal taste or silt, in general, high-quality organic fertilizer due to a complete maturity of a special acid flavor.

4, water-soluble method

Organic fertilizer dissolved in water after observation, poor fertilizer distribution evenly, more impurities, sink at the bottom; high-quality water-soluble fertilizer distribution evenly, the color was sauce color.

5, hand twist method

Take the organic fertilizer with the thumb and index finger back and forth rolling, if there is the feeling of Ge hand, there are sand or other impurities, it is likely to be poor fertilizer.

6, do the test

Take a potted flower, grab a lot of organic fertilizer directly sprinkled in the roots of flowers, poured water, good organic fertilizer will gradually grow white hyphae, promote plant growth, quality of organic fertilizer will not smoked seedlings, plants gradually Sluggish until death.

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