Erythritol And Its Advantages

- Sep 28, 2018 -

Erythritol and Its Advantages


Erythritol is made from fermentation of wheat, corn. It is white crystalline, slightly sweet, relative sweetness 0.65. Melting Point 126 ℃. Has a cool feeling. Low calory value, about one-tenth of the sucrose. Soluble in water (37%,25℃), because of low solubility, it is easy crystallization, Does not participate in glucose metabolism and blood sugar changes, so it is appropriate for diabetic patients. Do not ferment in the colon, which avoids gastrointestinal discomfort.

It is mostly used for chocolate, baking products, sweets, table sugar, soft drinks, etc.


Advantages compared to xylitol:

1.Erythritol is a natural 0 calories of the sweetener, xylitol contains calories.

2.Human tolerance for erythritol is higher than xylitol .

3. The average glycemic index and average insulin index of erythritol are lower than xylitol, so the effect of erythritol is less and has antioxidant activity.


4. Erythritol absorb heat when dissolve, its cool feeling is the highest.

5.Production process, erythritol is the only one of all sugar alcohols produced by fermentation method, the fermentation method is closer to the natural transformation and extraction.

6.Erythritol amost non-hygroscopic, other sugar alcohols have different degrees of hygroscopic,


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