Dehydrated Vegetable Industry Development Direction

- Aug 16, 2018 -

Dehydrated Vegetable Industry Development Direction


The development of dehydrated vegetable drying technology and the improvement of dry product quality, especially the advantages of not having to be refrigerated and convenient to handle, make the drying technology still a valuable processing method, so it is found in the vegetable processing industry in various countries. A certain amount of production, and has a place in international trade.


The survey shows that the current demand gap for dehydrated vegetables in the domestic and foreign markets is relatively large. In the past 10 years, the trade volume of dehydrated vegetables in the international market has exceeded 2 billion US dollars every year. Among all kinds of export agricultural products in China, vegetables as labor-intensive industries have always been China's more competitive strength and growth potential for exporting agricultural products. From the overall level, the overall strength of China's dehydrated vegetable industry is still relatively weak. It is recommended that vegetable processing enterprises focus on the development of high-tech, high-value dehydrated vegetables, frozen or frozen vegetables and canned vegetables to further enhance the quality of dehydrated vegetables and the competitiveness of the international market.


“Brilliant” believes that nowadays, China's vegetable industry is going to be industrialized, equipped, modernized, intensive, high-quality and green. A vegetable industrialization climax that combines pre-production, mid-production, post-production, and production, processing, and sales into a whole is emerging in China with a promising future.


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