Dehydrated Garlic Production

- Sep 30, 2018 -

Dehydrated Garlic Production 

China is one of the main garlic production countries in the world. Garlic can be specified into many species: large flap garlic, small lobe garlic, purple garlic, white garlic, an appetite and bactericidal effect. 

As it contains many nutritional matters and has therapeutic efficacy, the dried garlic products market is growing every year. The main steps of Brilliant dehydrated garlic powder production in factories are as follows:

1.Raw material filtering and decorticating, the remove of the garlic skin can be done in the manual way or certain equipments. 

2.Cut the garlic into slices, the thickness is required to be between 2~3 millimeters for the thicker slices are hard to dry and the thinner ones hard to keep the shape.

3.Color protection and rinse, this step has the effect of preventing alliin oxidation loss and re move the mucus and sugar content.

4. Dehydrating process: this part is also called the drying, and the moisture has to be between 4%~5%.

5.Pulverization and packaging, if the final product is dry garlic slices, the final process would only be packaging, the dried garlic slices shall be crushed into small pieces and go to the  screening process, then package.

Henan Brilliant Biotech Co.,Ltd. is among top 10 dehydrated vegetables& fruits supplier in China, and dry garlic powder is one of our main products. If you want to know the details and price, contact us now!

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