CMC Production Process & Application

- Oct 17, 2018 -

CMC Production Process & Application

Production Process



1. Food grade: used for dairy drinks and seasonings, also used in ice cream, bread, cake, biscuit, instant noodle and fast paste food. CMC can thicken, stabilize, improve taste, water retaining and tenacity strengthening.Cosmetics grade: used for Detergent and soaps, Tooth paste, Moisturizing cream, shampoo, hair conditioner etc.

2. Ceramics grade: usde for Ceramics body, Glaze slurry and Glaze decoration.

Oil drillling grade: Widely used in fracturing fluid, drilling fluid and well cementing fluid as fluid loss controller and tackifier. It can protect the shaft wall and prevent mud loss thus enhance recovery efficiency.

3.Paint grade: Painting and coating.

4.Textile grade: Warp sizing and Printing and dyeing.

5.Other application: Paper grade, Mining grade, gum, mosquito coil incense, tobacco,  electric welding, battery and others.


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