CMC Pharm Grade

- Jul 27, 2018 -

CMC Pharm Grade

CMC (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) is not only used in food, industry, construction, but also can be used in pharmaceutical. Here I would like to introduce the Pharm Grade CMC.

CMC can be used as the emulsifying stabilizer of injection in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry chooses appropriate viscosity CMC as adhesive, membrane forming agent, disintegrating agent emulsifying stabilizer, and suspension agent. CMC is a safe and reliable carrier of anticancer drugs.


Application Fields 

Paste, creams, lotions, unguent, mucous membranes (gel patches), ointments, bandages, troche adhesives, granulation assistant, bulk laxatives, syrup, etc.


Specification of CMC Pharm Grade conforms to CEKOL 100000



NaCMC content (dry basis)

Min 99.5%

Moisture as packed

Max 10%

Sodium Chloride content (dry basis)

Max 0.5%

Sodium glycolate content (dry basis)

Max 0.4%

Degree of Substitution


Sodium content


Sulphated ash content


PH(1% solution)


Viscosity, 1%, 25℃



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