Classification And Application Of Gelatin

- Aug 27, 2018 -

Classification and application of Gelatin



Capsules: The gelatin capsules are used to produce various soft capsule dosage forms or microbial culture media such as soft capsules, hard capsules and microcapsules.


Collagen fiber: Sub-thin collagen which is treated with an insoluble collagen molecule and treated with an enzyme to be used as a medical material.


Hemostatic cotton: The use of gelatin adsorption properties combined with other agents to make surgical hemostatic cotton.


Food additives:

Jelly: Gelatin jelly tastes better than vegetable gum.


Cold product: use gelatin to increase the homogenization emulsification ability, increase the solid content of ice products, slow down the dissolution rate of ice products, and increase flavor.


Soft candy: Use gelatin chewy and soluble to increase the taste.


Industrial category:

Matches: The foaming properties of the colloids provide the required porosity, combined with oxidizing agents, ignition agents and fillers, allowing them to ignite instantaneously.


Adhesives: The high strength, elasticity and toughness of gelatin play an important role in the application of adhesives. Such as advanced musical instruments or furniture.


Electrolysis: Adding gelatin to the electrolyte helps to create a smooth, dense anode deposit that eliminates production losses.


Textile: Gelatin forms a film on the yarn bundle, which increases the toughness, strength, smoothness and elasticity of the fiber and prevents breakage.


Abrasive industry: to make abrasive cloth and sandpaper.


Photosensitive Corrosion Resistant Film: Gelatin and dichromate are used to make negative etch films.

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