Choline Chloride And Its Usage

- Oct 19, 2018 -

Choline Chloride and Its Usage

Choline, usually categorized as a complex vitamin B family. It is the low molecular organic compound that is necessary to maintain physiology function in animal organism, the animal body can synthesize, but often need to add in the feed, it is added the most in the single vitamin.


It can regulate the metabolism and transformation of fat in animals, prevent fat deposition and tissue degeneration in liver and kidneys, promote the re-formation of amino acids, improve the utilization rate of amino acids, and save some methionine.


Choline chloride is the most commonly used and most economical form of choline, mainly used for mixing additives into animal feed. When using choline chloride, in addition to prevent its hygroscopic moisture, but also to note that all the feed has been added choline chloride as the last process, because it has a destructive effect on other vitamins, especially damage vitamin A, D, K faster when there are metal elements, so multidimensional formulations should not be added with choline,The combined feed after added choline chloride should be used as soon as possible.


In animal feed if there is not enough choline, the animal will get choline deficiency.

So it is necessary to get some in stock and really good to poultry and kinds of animals. 


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