Asia Pacific Stevia Market Will Reach 200 Million US Dollars In 2020

- Aug 24, 2018 -

Asia-Pacific Stevia Market Will Reach 200 Million US Dollars In 2020 

In 2016, the Asia Pacific food and beverage industry achieved a turnover of 3.23 trillion US dollars. It is 11% higher than the previous year, surpassing the second-ranked Western Europe (2%) and the third North America (4%). China, Japan and Indonesia are the major markets for food and beverage producers in the Asia Pacific region in 2016, with turnover accounting for more than three-quarters of the region. The data shows that the beverage market in the Asia-Pacific region will experience unprecedented growth. It is expected to increase by 2/3 of the global commercial beverage increase by 2021, and sales will account for 48% of global beverage sales. Stevia content plays an important role in beverage products. During the period 2012-2017, stevia-containing beverage products launched worldwide increased by 161%, and food products increased by 57%. The Asia Pacific region accounts for 40% of all new products containing stevia food and beverage.

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