Applications Of Agar Powder

- Aug 22, 2018 -

Applications of Agar Powder

Agar (also named agar-agar and jelly powder) is natural hydrophilic colloid extracted from various seaweed such as gracilaria and gelidium and its final product feature present as off-white dry powder form or strip form. Agar cannot dissolve cold water, but only be able to dissolve in boiled water.  


Due to the unique gel property and stability of Agar, it has become not only one of the safest and indispensable additive in food industry which can be used as firming agent, thickening agent, stabilizing agent as well as emulsifying agent, but aslo boasts wide application in chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry as raw material for bacteria culture, carrier of microorganism.  


A) For food industry: in the manufacture of milk, soy sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, salad, dessert cream yogurt, milk products, hard chocolate, gum, candy, etc.


B) For medicine: can be used for bacterial growth medium can provide a unique, pure and transparent gel growth of bacteria fermentation, mildew and other applications.


C) For health care: series more plays excellent role, is the natural green food, agar is selected from natural marine macrophytes seaweed, seaweed, seaweed gracilaria verrucosa vegetable.


D) For high quality cosmetics production: can be used as emulsion, shampoo, hair gel mask, emulsifier, toothpaste added to the product or as a matrix can make paste tissue is more perfect, good dispersion, and easy to wash.


E) For plant technology: many countries in the world use agar products plant and plant culture propagation of micro (such as flowers and seedlings, orchid cultivation) can provide long-lasting gel and nutrition.


F) For other purposes: used as solid alcohol fuel, for photographic film and photographic paper making mold material.


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