Acetaminophen Side Effects

- Oct 25, 2017 -

White plus black, Parco, Tylenol cold tablets, cold spirit, to pain tablets, etc. contain paracetamol, the dose of about 120-500 mg range. But the wide range of clinical applications, there have been some side effects, to cause everyone's vigilance.

1, the liver side effects: long-term or excessive use can cause liver cell necrosis. Paracetamol caused by liver cell necrosis is its direct effect on the liver cells may be excessive use of paracetamol caused by the body to produce a toxic metabolite, when the accumulation reaches a certain amount, resulting in depletion of liver glutathione, the liver detoxification capacity greatly reduced, Toxic metabolites destroy liver cells, producing cell degeneration and necrosis. Due to excessive paracetamol caused by acute hepatic lobular central necrosis, rapid progress can occur in fulminant liver failure and cause death.

2, the kidney side effects: excessive paracetamol produced by the toxic metabolites can also damage the kidneys, causing kidney cell necrosis, especially when combined with sodium salicylate or caffeine, more easily damage the kidneys.

3, the blood system toxicity: long-term excessive paracetamol, the resulting toxic metabolic products can be directly on the role of bone marrow hematopoietic system, constitute damage, may also induce thrombocytopenic purpura or leukemia.

4, the nervous system side effects: If the child taking acetaminophen, can also cause symptoms of central nervous system poisoning, mainly brain damage, neurological dysfunction, into a coma and so on.

Rare, such as the occurrence of allergic reactions should be immediately stopped taking.

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