The mechanism of action of Bacillus

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Bacillus in the intestine mainly through the biological oxygen to maintain the dynamic balance of intestinal flora, the previous theory that Bacillus is pathogens, some of the latest research and articles that some Bacillus can also host, it is a short time after colonization , Can consume a lot of oxygen, to maintain intestinal anaerobic environment. In addition Bacillus in the intestine can produce protease and starch into monosaccharides, the performance of the fur in the animal can mainly improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in feed, while they can quickly adsorb to the fur animal intestine Endometrium, to reduce pathogens in the intestinal colonization. The mechanism of Bacillus sp. Bacteria is mainly in the small intestine of the fur rapid germination, different types of bacillus in fur fur small intestine germination site is different, the role is different.

Furry animal small intestine in front of the germination of bacteria, can significantly improve the animal carbohydrate digestibility, increased feed energy utilization, is conducive to animal fat increase and precipitation. (Amylase)

The germination of the small intestine of the small intestine can significantly reduce the content of organic amines and nitrate in the small intestine, which is beneficial to induce the secretion of intestinal trypsin and increase the protein digestibility, especially the protein digestion of high cystine content Rate, beneficial to increase the body of the animal and improve the size of the skin. Is conducive to improving the luster of animal fur. (Protease)

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