Several commonly used green feed additives weight loss disease is correct

- Oct 25, 2017 -

First, montmorillonite

Montmorillonite, also known as microcrystalline kaolinite, because it was originally found in the French montown city named, the name of Guanyin soil. The use of montmorillonite as a feed additive has a variety of uses, and montmorillonite does not enter the blood, completely excluded from the body, never left, is the residue of the non-toxic (arsenic, mercury, lead, Green animal health products.

First, montmorillonite can protect animals from mycotoxins and harmful bacteria, and thus the addition of montmorillonite has become suitable for large-scale feed production in the first choice for sterilization measures; Secondly, adding montmorillonite to control the toxicity of residual pesticides, And lead and other heavy metal poisoning treatment of lead; Finally, in the slaughter of pig slaughter, 3 days ahead of time taking nano-montmorillonite, can reduce the capture caused by the shock caused by the reaction, but also reduce the transport of stress defecation Wait.

Second, allicin

Allicin is a volatile oily substance extracted from garlic, rich in organic nutrients, including crude protein, fat, crude fiber, whole sugar, a small amount of calcium, phosphorus minerals and thiamine, riboflavin, Garlic oil and so on. In addition, it can contain 17 kinds of amino acids and potassium, magnesium, copper, sodium, zinc, manganese, iron and other mineral elements. Allicin used in feed, to promote pig weight gain, improve pig immunity, reduce pig diarrhea and other effects.

Three, betaine

Betaine is mainly extracted from beets and molasses and is an important feed additive. It can provide methyl, so as to reduce the consumption of methionine, and has the effect of enhancing the physiological effect of methionine; mixed with the ion carrier anticoccidial drug can significantly reduce the risk of animal infection of coccidia; in the feed to add betaine Improve piglet intestinal function, prevent diarrhea, and improve feed intake; also relieve the stress response of piglets, thereby increasing weaning piglets feed intake and growth rate.

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