Mechanism of Candida utilis and Brassica oleracea

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Yeast into the fur after the intestine can significantly improve the proportion of bacteria in the intestine, at the same time, in the animal intestine intimal adsorption and colonization, because of its high protein content, easy decomposition of metabolites, Oxygen can grow and reproduce under the conditions, and other beneficial bacteria can symbiotic and contains the characteristics of multi-ethnic vitamins, is conducive to improving animal immunity and resistance to disease. Yeast in the animal intestinal colonization after the multiplication of reproduction, a large number of acid and produce metabolites (unknown factor), but also increased the intestinal feeding nutrition and digestion and absorption. In addition to the above role, but also in the animal's gut to produce a targeted against E. coli and other harmful bacteria fungicides, for the fur animal intestinal harmful bacteria inhibit and kill the role. (To do a simple description of people with the hair side of the bread and raw bread, people eat raw mother tablets, etc.)

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