Influencing Factors of Microecological Balance

- Oct 25, 2017 -

The main factors affecting microecological balance can be summarized as three aspects of environment, host and microbe.

Air pollution, climate change, feed and drinking water deterioration, pollution and other external factors, can lead to host dysfunction and metabolic disorders, affecting microbial flora and colonization status mutation. Such as reduced ambient temperature, can reduce intestinal bifidobacteria.

The immune function of the host is an important factor in resisting invasive attack and enhancing the ability of host defense, and it is also an important system for the elimination of endotoxin, which reduces microbial imbalance when immunosuppressive and immunosuppressive. The host's physiological function such as gastric acid secretion, bile secretion, abnormal bowel movements, also lead to micro-ecological disorders.

Antibiotics are an important factor in causing flora imbalance, serious damage to the ecological balance, leading to loss of host flora barrier, loss of biological antagonism, endogenous pathogens and exogenous pathogens mass reproduction.

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