I heard that Lu Cai are food additives, but also rest assured to eat it?

- Oct 25, 2017 -

A halogen duck neck, a few slices of halo lotus, comfortable to let people indulge in pleasures without stop.

Lu Cai because of convenience, taste good, much loved by people. Many office workers like to get off work to buy some Lu Cai to solve the evening needs, many people also regard it as a play snack, halo duck head, duck duck and even halo lotus, are people's favorite.

However, there are claims that Lu Cai are food additives, there are a lot of nitrite, very unhealthy, eating harmful. Lucai in the end can not eat?

In fact, the traditional production of Lu Cai, do not need to use food additives.

Traditional Lu Cai is to join the pepper, star anise and other plants, and then add salt and other seasoning made of halogen. Its scent is actually from these anise and spices, do not need food additives.

With the development of food technology, and now there are many good packaging of halogen food, from the Internet, the supermarket can be directly purchased, they are often vacuum packaging, save the time longer, put a few months are not big problems The

These packaging of the Lu Cai are used in vacuum packaging, even without food additives can also put a long time. Moreover, Lu Cai are often very salty, with more salt, bacteria are difficult to grow. Therefore, the packaging of Lu Cai food can put a long time not necessarily have a lot of food additives.

Need to be reminded that the pre-packaged Lu Cai is actually able to use food additives, as long as the rational use of food additives are safe, you can rest assured that consumption.

The biggest problem with Lucai is the additive abuse. Because of the difficulty of effective regulation, coupled with the neglect of food safety for these small traders, we now have a lot of Lucai face the biggest safety problem is the abuse of additives, the most common of which is the abuse of nitrite. The survey shows that many Lu Cai now do have the problem of nitrite abuse.

As long as the regular halogen food, in fact, can be assured to eat.

However, the current Lu Cai itself is not a healthy choice, it is tastes heavy, high salt content, eat is not healthy, so, in any case, or to try to eat less. In addition, to remind you, in the selection of Lu Cai, try not to buy those colors in particular Hongyan Lucai, they may be added nitrite.

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