China 's food additives

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Chinese food additives are divided into 23 categories, including acidity regulator, anti-caking agent, defoamer, antioxidant, bleach, leavening agent, coloring agent, coloring agent, emulsifier, enzyme preparation, flavor enhancer, A flour treatment agent, a coating agent, a water retaining agent, a nutritional enhancer, a preservative, a stabilizer and a coagulant, a sweetener, a thickening agent, a perfume, a gum base, a salty and other.

A food fortifier is a natural or synthetic material that is added to the food to enhance the nutrient composition and is a natural nutrient-rich food additive. As the role of food additives in the modern food industry is becoming increasingly important, there are more and more varieties of food additives approved by various countries. The United States has more than 25,000 kinds of different additives used in more than 20,000 kinds of food. Japan uses about 1,100 kinds of food additives. The European Union uses 1,000 to 1,500 food additives.

China has allowed the use of food additives with the increasing variety of times. Licensed varieties have reached 1513 species, including 1027 kinds of food spices.

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