Dehydrated Fruit

Dehydrated fruit is made from superior fresh fruit, using vacuum freeze drying technology to keep the taste, color, natural vitamin, dietary fiber, trace element.
      • Dried Pear

      Dried Pear

      Dried Pear Freeze dried pear flakes is made using a ‘freeze-drying process’. This involves freezing fresh fruit and then removing the water content slowly. This results in dried...

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      • Dried Peach

      Dried Peach

      Dried Peach 1.Introduction These freeze dried peaches are produced to have a pleasant crunch.All peach products are evaluated for good peach flavour.Excellent source of vitamin C...

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      • Dried Blueberry

      Dried Blueberry

      Dried Blueberry Freeze dried blueberry are those that have undergone the process of freeze drying, which allows them to have a vastly longer shelf is safe for children and...

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      • Dried Goji

      Dried Goji

      Dried Goji Goji berry is also known as the wolfberry. Their history as a medicinal plant has roots in ancient China. Goji berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for...

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      • Dried Cherry

      Dried Cherry

      Dried Cherry 1. Introduction These freeze dried cherry are produced to have a pleasant crunch.All peach products are evaluated for good flavour. 2. Specification Application : Dried...

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      • Dried Lemon

      Dried Lemon

      Dried Lemon The lemon is a hybrid in cultivated wild plants. It is the common name for the reproductive tissue surrounding the seed of the angiosperm lemon tree. The lemon is used...

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      • Dehydrated Apricot

      Dehydrated Apricot

      Dehydrated apricot 1. Introduction Product Name: Freeze Dried apricot / Dehydrated apricot Grade: A Ingredient: Fresh apricot Cultivation Type: Common,Open Air Flavor: Typical...

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      • Dehydrated Raspberries

      Dehydrated Raspberries

      Dehydrated raspberries raspberry protoplasmic after spray drying technology. Raspberry flavor, raspberry is a rich source of various organic acids, sugars and containing a small...

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      • Dehydrated Kiwi

      Dehydrated Kiwi

      Dehydrated kiwi 1. Introduction Product Name: Freeze Dried Kiwi / Dehydrated Kiwi Grade: A Ingredient: Fresh Kiwi Cultivation Type: Common,Open Air Flavor: Typical Flavor of Kiwi...

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      • Dehydrated Pineapple

      Dehydrated Pineapple

      Dehydrated pineapple The dried pineapple is producted from fresh pineapple. The technology of freeze dried guarantees to retain prefectly the ingredients of fresh pineapple and...

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      • Dehydrated Mango

      Dehydrated Mango

      Dehydrated mango Our quality begins with extensive Selection of Mango. Together with advanced processing technology, the natural taste flavor and nutritive value are best preserved....

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      • Dried Strawberry

      Dried Strawberry

      D ried strawberry Strawberry contains essential flavonoids, vitamins and minerals and the value of ORAC of strawberry is 1540/100 g . Freeze dried strawberry powder is a natural and...

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